Chin Teo is a Malaysia born Berlin based artisan jewelry brand that has hand-crafted contemporary jewelry pieces since founding of the brand while living in Australia in 2009.  After graduating with a bachelor degree in Industrial Design from RMT university in Melbourne, Chin Teo’s passion for silver and goldsmithing led him to embark on a cross-continental journey through Oceania and Europe, in order to see the world’s best craftsmanship and learn from the masters.  Notably, the “Maestro Orafo e Scultore” – Alexandra Dari in Florence, Italy.  These life and cultural experiences has profoundly shaped his ideas, and philosophy as an artisan.
Q: How would you describe your line in a few words?
Artisanal, conflict and balance, genderless, collective of memories, abstract and “wabi-sabi”
Q: What is your favorite or most sentimental piece you have ever made?
To pick a particular piece out of all the work is to me somewhat “cruel”, as the thought and care that are put into each pieces is unbiased during making.

Naturally, I have my own preference for daily wear (an original rose gold diamond cage mini ring, gold/silver mossy 2 rings set and legion nexus necklace), however the sentimental value is added through the experiences of wearing these pieces. I see my jewelry as a vial, it comes alive when being worn. You can see the traces where my hand “touches” the jewelry piece, but the story begins from you.

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