The Safire Homme


Featuring Buz

Interview by Léla Sophia

Léla Sophia: How have the places you’ve lived influenced your style? 

Buz: Everywhere I’ve lived has impacted my style.  Musically and aesthetically.  My life in the Midwest, West Coast, and now, East Coast have all been extremely different.  If I fuse everything together aesthetically I’m always super chill, always wearing sweats and some clean shoes.  My music reflects that – mellow but ’bout that life.  

LS: What is your definition of style?

B: Just like music, style is the direct extension of who you are in connection with how you want to feel and be perceived.  That’s really all it is.  Everybody’s trying to feel a certain way, but I think we all just really want to be perceived as exactly who we are, or exactly who we want to be.      

LS: What is your writing process like?  Do you look at writing and drumming the same way, or are there differences in your approach?

B: I look at both processes the same, because the way I shed and how I practice drums is the way I practice writing.  I listen to a lot of people that I respect, I’m always listening to different albums, and then I’m gonna go search the credits and see who wrote this, and who’s the producer, co-producer and so on.  I’m constantly taking notes of how certain people sound and how they got their signature sound.  I try to wonder what space they were in when they were writing, I wonder what made these words fit in this space to make this the moment that they created to be on this album.  I try to respect everyone who’s making music, even though it might not be my thing.  It’s the same way I shed drums, if I was trying to learn an indie-rock song, I would study it in the same way.  I take what I hear, internalize it, then I can spew out what I am going to do.  It’s me respectfully gaining knowledge that I can pull out in my own way.  I write from a very honest place, it may not be that witty, it may not be that slick, it may just be super literal and black and white, but what comes out is exactly how I feel, or what I really went through. 


LS: Where do you find your strength and what gives you confidence?

B: My strength really comes from my family. My wife, and my daughter, that’s my strength for real, because she’s held me down so much to the point where it just really keeps me going.  When somebody is constantly looking out for you, you just want to do something for them, you just want to make sure they’re good.  That’s all, that’s where my strength comes from.      

L: That’s really beautiful.  I think especially in our world, in the world of artists and creatives, people get so caught up with what you’re supposed to do, who you’re supposed to love, and who your’e supposed to be.  It’s such an underrated topic of conversation, because we all need to break those notions of who we are “supposed” to be, and find strength in who we are authentically.  

B:  If you can’t build from that place, then it’s not really even worth building anything.  

LS: Who have you been listening to during quarantine?

B: I love the group BlueBucksClan, and Little Dragon, I also love Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Tom Yorke.  I just tapped into Jazmine Sullivan’s new record, and that’s dope, I love the messaging behind it. I also love Ari Lennox, I want to write her a song so bad.  I also listen to my peers who make super dope shit.  

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