Kim Dunham unearths her clients stories by connecting through a personal and meaningful process.  Her heightened intuition combined with her ability to deeply connect and thoughtfully listen to her clients allows her to pull out the magic that lies within us all.

Kim studied traditional fine arts and art history, and has traveled the world amassing a rich tapestry of experiences with she draws upon to create meaningful one-of-a-kind objects.  After two decades of working in the jewelry industry as a bench jeweler, a tiara costumier, a designer and producer of both costume and fine jewelry, Kim launched the brand with that experience in hand.

Kim is heavily influenced by her “off the beaten path” global travels, stories and folklore, astronomy, mythology, western and eastern astrology, the wilds of nature, old world language, poetry, music, psychology, theology and the spiritual realm, alchemy, tarot, ancient manuscripts, botanical illustrations, traditional heraldry, and has great admiration for antique signet rings.

Currently residing in New York City, Southern by birth with a gypsy soul, Kim believes the best things in life are unique, made by hand, and meant to be cherished by generations to come.

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