Lit Lab


Lit Lab is a Berlin based brand started by concrete artist Mallory Chen. Her candle design celebrates the Berlin 1920 Bauhaus movement and the art of Kintsugi. Rather than hiding imperfections, she chooses to embrace, enhance, and encompass them inside a geometric and raw structure, just like the broken city of Berlin and its hidden goldmine. What makes Berlin beautiful is the contrasts found within — from the old, noble architecture and the abandoned decrepit buildings throughout the city, to the even ratio between city and nature, and most importantly the people coming from vastly different backgrounds — these are the aspects that hold the city together, making it even more beautiful than it was before.

Lit Lab is described as intuitive, experimental, and sentient (scentient if you will :D) My most “scent”imental blend is Calligraphy room. It’s made to commemorate the summers I used to spend with my grandfather back in Taiwan. He was and is an avid Chinese calligraphy artist, usually spending hours every day in his studio practicing and furthering his craft. Growing up he would teach us the fundamentals of calligraphy, from brush strokes and calligraphy styles to stamping and inking — always patient and forgiving of our short attention his span. The one thing that I remember vividly was the smell of his studio, a blend of drying bamboo brushes, musky ink, and hot, humid summer air. Every time I visited him, that smell of his studio would instantly take me back to my youth in Taiwan. 


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