Miles McNeel

Setting stones in concrete is an homage to the way Romans incorporated precious metals into concrete and the art of mosaics in Greece.  

This concrete technique was developed by Miles McNeels’s founder Tomas Diener.  He developed a concrete that’s malleable, but sturdy enough to be wearable.  This formula allows the stones to be set in the concrete securely without using any kind of glue, yet allowing the stone to keep its brilliance and lust.

Our concrete technique evolved further when Augustin Jaramillo, current designer at Miles McNeel, fused the technique from Thomas with his own by adding precious metals to our pieces.  

Each piece combines textures with hues of color that only concrete can achieve, with the strength and list that gold and silver possess.  

We recommend taking care of our pieces just like any other piece of jewelry.  Please avoid the use of alcohol or ultrasonic cleaners, and restrain from wearing in the bath rub or jacuzzi to maintain each piece.