Kim Dunham Garden of Eden Ring


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Kim Dunham Garden of Eden Titus Signet Ring, Relief Style with Snake.  Engraved on each side reads Bona Fide (Good Faith) along with an image of Eden’s Snake, representing the adversity of Love.  For those who follow love through to the end, no matter the cost.

The Heart & Dagger inscription is a classic combination of two incredibly potent symbols: the heart symbolizes love and a person’s inner-most desire, while the dagger can symbolize death, destruction, and betrayal. Put these two images together and you have the ultimate symbol of heartache, love betrayed, or personal sacrifice.

14K Yellow Gold

Size 8

Kim Dunham’s one-of-a-kind rings exclusively designed and hand-made in New York City by Kim Dunham for Safire Homme.  Inquire for sizing requests or custom design orders.

** Discounts will not be applied to Kim Dunham Rings online.  Email for more information.

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