Safire Homme by Lela Sophia Daw'(light) Earring


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Safire Homme by Lela Sophia Daw'(light) Earring

Sterling Silver pendant comes with 14k White Gold Hoop Earring

Safire Homme by Léla Sophia is designed by Safire Homme’s owner/creative director Léla Sophia. Inspired by traditional Berber patterns, Moroccan filigree, and henna, all elements of her North African heritage, each style evokes ancient symbolism inscribed with protective motifs that speak uniquely to each wearer.  The organic essence of each piece strips away clean modern lines, leaving room for the designs to be interpreted and loved for their imperfect nature.

Each Safire Homme by Lela Sophia item is made to order, please allow three weeks for order completion.  Contact for a rush request.