Born in Denmark, Tobias Wistisen moved to Paris in 1999 where he studied at ESMOD International to work with ready-to-wear and haute couture.  Mixing and reworking materials became the main goal to create an “aggressive” expression in his designs.

Tobias Wistisen decided to start his own jewelry line to explore his passion for different textures, details and materials.  Working with accessories and jewelry revealed a branch of fashion, where designing and manual work could be united 

His Scandinavian background with tradition for functionalism and craftsmanship clashes with foreign impressions and dramatic esthetics. This creates an anarchistic approach to the jewelry designs. 

Inspirations come from everything from futuristic vehicles to ancient armor and nature.  The atmosphere in his collections is sinister and rough while paying close attention to detail.  Having a fashion design background, Tobias Wistisen experiments with various materials and treatments in his order to achieve his very personalized style.  

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